Create meaningful interactions with individuals who have influence over your goal

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…Strategize & build a network of advocates


Execute a tailored networking plan of action – A Strategic Alliance Plan


Strategically manage your networking plan to help you achieve your goals


ZIG360 is your tool to designing your success plan and is a necessity in today’s world

Create a strategic alliance plan to help you achieve your goals

Map out what you are trying to achieve Map out who is involved in that goal Get a visual understanding of how people fit into the big picture of your goals.  Who is a friend or foe, an advocate or a saboteur

Understand who has an impact on you achieving your goals

Who knows that I’m trying to reach this goal? Who can mentor me in regards to my goal? Who are currently my advocates? Who may try to sabotage me achieving my goal? Who can I help once I reach that goal?

ZIG360 is your tool to better connect with your network and stay on top of mind

Using your network, achieve your goals and be seen as a significant resource within your organization

Let us help you grow your relationships

What is a Strategic Alliance Plan?

Learn how to achieve your goals, creating a Strategic Alliance Plan

Let ZIG360 provide advice

Let ZIG360 help you manage your network and provide advice on how to connect with certain people within your network

Synchronize with your CRM

For all discussions and actions created in ZIG360, they will be synchronized with Salesforce Sales Cloud to ensure you do not miss anything.

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